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  • Do I need to bring a partner with me to class?

Nope.  Generally we work in groups of three and most people come without a partner.  People are very friendly and welcome new comers.

  • If I come with a partner can I work with only that person?

Not entirely.  We almost always work in groups of three at some point in class.  The poses we work on often need spotter, base, and flyer. Sometimes we work in larger groups, 4 or 5, as well.  You should be comfortable working with other people if you want to learn AcroYoga.  We encourage you to learn from and with as many new people as you can, however, you are always welcome to work with the person you came with along with others in class.  Also you are never required to work with anyone you don't want to work with.

  • What do I need to bring with me to class?

You don't need to bring much.  If you have a yoga mat you like to use feel free to bring it, there are yoga mats at the studio that you can use for free.  It is nice to have a water bottle, though there are cups and filtered water at the studio as well.  Wearing flexible clothing that is not loose fitting generally is the best but as long as you can comfortably stretch and move in your clothes you will be fine.  

  • Why do you ask me to share my gender pronoun with the group?

AcroYoga Minneapolis is a trans and queer inclusive space.  Because we desire for our queer and transgendered friends to be seen and feel save in our classes we ask that everyone share the gender pronoun they use for themselves and we ask that everyone in our classes use the gender pronoun that each individual uses correctly. Common pronouns are: she/her, he/him, they/them, and ze/hir.  

  • Do I need to sign up for class?

You don't need to sign up for class.  There is no preregistration for AYMPLS classes.

  • What if I am running late, should I still come to class?

If you are running late PLEASE still come, join in.  We generally do some warming up at the beginning of class and introductions.  It is nice to not miss these things, but if you are running late don't hesitate to still come to class.